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The shop hours are by appointment, Monday through Friday from 10am til 6pm and Saturday 10am til 2pm. 
The address is 5225-a SE 78th Ave. Portland, OR 97206.
Please use the contact bar above or call 503 231-4035 to talk about scheduling service work.  
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Jim Taylor

  • Service bench time is $60 per hour. The schedule varies with the workload with most jobs completed within a week. Let us know your situation, we can usually accommodate. Rush service, when available, is time and a half.
  • Amphead has always provided quality guitar service. Set up, wiring and repair.
  • Many of the most popular amps today are 25+ years old and are well beyond their expected service life. Eventually that sweet vintage tube amp will need to be "overhauled" to produce good tone and stay off the repair bench.
  • Custom cabinet being loaded with Celestion G12 Blue.
    We provide repair and upgrade for your speaker cabinet and stock some of our most popular speakers at the best prices available. Check the parts listed or call for current availability.
  • Dial in Your Sound Amphead performs proven custom performance upgrades for classic tube guitar amps.
  • Amphead maintains an extensive stock of the best quality guitar and amp parts. JJ, Tung Sol and Winged C tubes. Sprague, F&T and Mallory capacitors, Mercury Magnetics transformers and Lindy Fralin pickups. Pick up at the shop or we can ship.
  • This '59 Fender Bassman is an example of a restoration project completed at Amphead in July of '06. Click for details and pictures of the process.

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